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are the EXPERTS in 

Shipping & Transport!

IM Freight Forwarding Ltd. offers a specialized ‘One to One, hassle-free service to our clients, from movement of goods for export / import to worldwide destinations by air, sea or trailer.


IM Freight Forwarding Ltd. can also provide specialised logistics movement for the UK market. We can send a representative to measure consignments, and arrange export packing to avoid transit damage. Where requested, we will ensure that the goods are packed to the highest standards, which would assure our clients that we are dedicated to provide an all in one service.


With over twenty years experience in the trade we have the knowledge to eradicate all the difficulties with regard to the documentation. Therefore, once the consignment has been booked with us, if a client should require it, we can provide all the export / import documents (which can include all the relevant documents for Letters of Credit, Legalisation, Certification etc.)

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